Tarte Cosmetics "Tartiest" Lash Paint Mascara

Retail $23

I snagged this guy at Ipsy Gen Beauty last month and wanted to give it a proper test drive before reviewing for you all.

The black and gold packaging is STUNNING!!! (Side note to Tarte: Please make everything in that black and gold splatter print.)

The wand is simple and effective, with no unneeded bells and whistles (large applicator, small bristles, straight shape. See photo).

The formula is thick, rich black, and the first coat went on smooth and without any issues. Mascaras vary with the initial coat depending on the weight of the formula. Thinner mascaras usually go on fairly light, and you end up needing a couple coats to build it up.

With thicker mascaras it is usually the second coat is where you run into issues with drying/flaking, spidering and clumping.

Tarte’s formula, while on the thicker side, dries slowly allowing more time to apply your second coat and to my surprise the brush went through with a second coat just as easy as the first.

When the mascara dries, my lashes are still comfortable and flexible without any flaking.


Was it worth $23? Absolutely. A little goes a long way with this formula, so while I cannot yet speak to how long this tube stays fresh for, I can say that $23 is a great deal on a mascara that actually does what it is supposed to do.

Who is it best for? Anyone really. Lengthening, thickening, and deep in color it covers all categories of mascara minus waterproofing.

Usually I at least have one point of criticism, but seriously the only thing I can say is I am pissed I didn’t buy a case of these when they were $10 on Cyber Monday.

Overall grade: I gave this mascara an A because I literally cannot find anything to complain about. Will definitely be buying again.

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