Lit Cosmetics Glitter 

(Pictured here with LimeCrime Makeup Posh Velvatine)

Shade: Boogie Wonderland size 4 


Retail: $18 per jar

Discount Code: Sara_Mua_ for 20% off!

Promo: Use the code mentioned above PLUS get a free size 3 Porcelain Glitter with the purchase of any three glitters or any one Lit Kit.

Review: Boogie Wonderland is a gorgeous lilac color with silver, iridescent, blue and champagne reflects. Lit's glitters come in varying sizes depending on how subtle or dramatic you want your sparkle to be. The best for a dramatic pop is the size 4. Boogie Wonderland (unlike a few of the other size 4 glitters) seems to have a little variety in the size of the cut making it the perfect pixie dust addition to lips or eye liner. While glitter is never classified as eye-safe, Lit Cosmetics boasts a high quality cosmetic grade glitter cut with rounded edges that makes it much safer than many other glitters on the market.

Pro Tip: ALWAYS be sure to research when purchasing glitter (or any cosmetic for that matter). With Instagram making it easier and easier for small independent brands to pop up, safety should never take a back seat to a cheaper price line.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Liquid Lipstick in shade Persimmon


Retail: $20

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks have quickly risen to the top of my all time favorite products list. They apply easily and are rich in pigmentation. The formula is soft and not over drying as some liquid lipsticks have the tendency to be. Persimmon is a true red orange shade that looks gorgeous on a wide range of skin tones. While a lot of colors are reserved for specific seasons, Persimmon is a gorgeous exception that can be worn all year long.

Pro Tip: While wearing liquid lipstick in convenient in the aspect of not needing to continuously reapply, it unfortunately also enhances any dead skin, cheapness and fine lines in your lips. Start out with a simple lip scrub (add sugar to a little honey and work over lip surface). Never use ANY scrub with artificial exfoliates as they can become lodged under the skin and cause infection. Apply a light layer of lip balm (my favorite choice is Rebels Refinery Capital Vices Skull Lip Balm). Apply one layer of liquid lipstick and let dry with lips apart. Apply a light second layer and let dry with lips apart. Use a small angled brush and a concealer matching your skin tone to clean up the edges for that perfectly defined look.



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